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In order to help buyers secure financing for their home, the staff at Huron Title Company research the title of property. The title search reveals the true owner of the property, tax status, any disputes or liens on the title, mortgage status, easements, and more.

This information is used by our company to put together the Commitment for an Owner’s Policy or Title Insurance and a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy. It is used by the lender to verify details about the buyer and property and prepare the closing disclosure necessary for the closing.

From there, we provide escrow services to facilitate the transfer of funds and documents between all parties involved in the transaction. We work to ensure all conditions of the sale are met, and once all forms, funds, and policies are delivered, the escrow and closing are complete.

For more information about our title and escrow services, please contact us today at 810-987-2141. We are proud to serve clients from St. Clair, Sanilac Counties, and surrounding areas. We are committed to customer satisfaction and results.

Our Services Include:

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Title Insurance

When you sell a home or property, you are really selling the title to the property. This gives you the right to occupy and use the space. A title insurance policy protects you against loss of value from hazards and defects that may exist in a contested title. This includes forged signatures on deeds, fraud, unknown property heirs, liens and documentation errors. Title insurance protects the rights of new and existing homeowners from unforeseen circumstances that may cause loss or damage. There are two types of title insurance policies:

Owner’s Policy: This type of policy protects the homebuyer. It is the best way to protect your property rights, as well as your trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries.

Lender’s Policy: This is required by the homebuyer’s lender and protects only the lender’s interests. A lender’s policy lasts until the mortgage is paid in full.

When you obtain a loan to buy your home, your lender will require that you purchase a Loan Policy of Title Insurance. When purchasing a home, it is important to talk to your lender, attorney, or real estate agent about title insurance. It is important to have a clear title when purchasing a home.

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Abstracting & Title Examination

A title abstract is a summary of the the various activities affecting ownership of a parcel of land, which goes back to the certification date of the abstract. A title search is a brief summary of the various activities affecting title for a more limited period of time. A title search is used by an experienced professional to determine that the seller of a property indeed owns the property but also what interests other parties may have in the property. In addition, a title search will determine if there are any restrictions or allowances pertaining to the use of the land, any tax liens on the property, and if the seller has a salable interest in the property.

Mortgage and escrow paperwork


An escrow is an arrangement in which a disinterested third party, called an escrow agent, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller, and distributes them according to the buyer’s and seller’s instructions.

Huron Title Company works as a neutral third party and will handle the transfer of funds and related documents from one party to another. It is essential all conditions of the sale are met before money and property change hands. Our escrow agents carry out the express instructions given by the buyer, seller, and lender. Once all of the required forms, funds, and policies are obtained and delivered to the appropriate parties, the escrow is completed.

Our escrow service include full-service closings, witness and notary closings, and maintenance of both Extended and Construction Escrow services.

Commercial construction insurance


We know how important the construction of your new home or building is to you. Our construction escrow services assist the owner, contractor and lender in making the construction work a little easier, and the funding process a little more secure. This service protects both the owner and lender during the project and makes sure there are sufficient funds to finish the project and that payments are made for completed work. Working with a title company to administer the process ensures construction liens are not recorded against the title as a result of construction performed on the property.


For more information about our title and escrow services in Port Huron, MI and surrounding communities, please contact Huron Title Company today at 810-987-2141. We look forward to hearing from you.