Title & Escrow Services for Lenders

Title Agency in Port Huron, MI

For 35+ years, Huron Title Company has partnered with mortgage lenders in Port Huron, MI and surrounding areas to provide reliable, fair, and timely title insurance services. Our staff is committed to collaborating with all parties involved in a real estate transaction — buyers and sellers, realtors, and lenders — to ensure every transaction is completed in an efficient and effective manner.

In our digital age, it is easier than ever to find and compare financing options online. This allows mortgage lenders to expand their reach without having to expand their physical presence into each community or municipality they serve. While the day is coming where buyers will be able to log on and complete a “paperless” closing transaction, it is still necessary for lenders to work with title companies to ensure the transaction is efficiently and safely processed.

Trusted Title Services Since 1982

In order to help buyers secure financing for their home, the staff at Huron Title Company research the title of a property. The title search reveals the true owner of the property, the tax status, any disputes or liens on the title, mortgage status, easements, and more.

This information is used by our company to put together the Commitment for a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy and Owner’s Policy. It is used by the lender to verify details about the buyer and property, so the loan closing documents may be prepared.

From there, we provide escrow services to facilitate the transfer of funds and documents between all involved parties. We work to ensure all conditions of the sale are met, and once all forms, funds, and policies are delivered, the escrow and closing are complete.

For more information about our title and escrow services, please contact us today at 810-987-2141. We are proud to serve clients from St. Clair and Sanilac Counties, and are committed to customer satisfaction and results.